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Breastfeeding Support Group

Mother 2 Mother Support Circle

Longest running mother/baby group
in Humboldt County

Come chat and socialize with other moms and their babies. Problem solves parenting and baby issues, share stories, and make new friends. It’s fun, insightful and validating. I do weekly infant weight checks and discuss many health topics and All issues related to parenting. Come check it out! It’s free. Sponsored by St. Joseph hospital

Newborns to one year.

Every Tuesday from 10 AM - 12 noon
(drop in)

317 Third St., Old Town, Eureka, in the conference room. For more information call Star at 822-7743.

Free for all.


World Breastfeeding Week Cake

Humboldt Bay BABY

An on-line LOCAL yahoo  group forum for pregnant women and  all mothers of Humboldt County, (north & all points south). The purpose of the group is to make friends, share stories, great tips, get good shopping ideas, mother wisdom and so much more. There is an extensive list of links, files, and a database to sell, share or trade goods. There are also midwives, lactation consultants if more expertise is needed.

Most importantly this group is a vehicle to connect local mothers to mothers. It’s for you!

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Lactation Consultation Gift Certificate



There is no better support you can give to a new mother!

Call Star (707) 822-7743 to purchase your gift certificate and then download and fill in. This gift certificate is good for one year from the time of purchase.